This is a big subject and there are so many opinions but my answer would be that:

  • A witch is a weaver of the worlds- this physical one and the ‘other’.
  • A witch is a catalyst for change.
  • A witch draws upon ancient knowledge and techniques that date back to prehistory.
  • A witch is deeply connected to the natural cycles and can control energy.
  • A witch can work solo (solitary) or within a coven (formal group of close knit like-minds that follow a tradition) to weave their magic.
  • A witch can follow many paths (or traditions) and have a number of areas of expertise. Not all would say they have psychic abilities (although this is common), and not all would say they work with diety (Gods & Goddesses) although the majority would.
  • A witch, once dedicated (self or within a coven), takes on vows or responsibilities often including promises to serve the community which are taken very seriously.

“I don’t shy away from the word ‘witch’. Witch meant “wise one”, it meant “weaver”. We have just had a couple of thousand years worth of bad PR is all.”

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