January 3, 2019 all-day
Telephone Appointments Only
Richard Martin

Each year I dedicate a day to special New Years Oracle Readings. I do nothing else on that day but work on divination with my clients. Having guidance on areas such as health, wealth, love and career is useful at the beginning of the year and knowing your power and shadow timings helps you take advantage of seasonal timings. All consults will use one of my oracle decks as a tool and the oracle deck we use for your 2019 reading, will be sent to you as my gift after the reading!

You can choose any deck from Stacey creations you like:  Earth Power, The Halloween Oracle, Goddesses and Sirens, Gods & Titans, The Gospel of Aradia , the new Viking Oracle or Queen of the moon oracle.

There are limited sessions available for this day. One day only.

The appointments are conducted via telephone duration is 30 mins


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For enquiries or bookings email bookings@themodernwitch.com or contact Richard at RCM Management on 0400 345 113