October 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Via Skype
Richard Martin

Norse Seidr Magic is one of the oldest magical traditions and one of the richest. It is of both a magical and shamanic nature.  At its heart is nature and the living energies of the land, as well as being oracular where the practitioner travels the worlds and converses with Freya, Hel and Odin.

This introductory teaching, over three sessions, introduces the concepts of Seidr and opens the path of the seidkona for those who wish to travel it.

We will cover these topic at a minimum:

Week 1: The Worlds

  • The history of Seidr…what we know, what we don’t
  • How it is different to other forms of Norse magic
  • The ‘Geography’ of the Norse Worlds
  • The Gateways
  • The Shamanic Path

Week 2: The Blue Cape

  • Building a Relationship with Frejya and Odin
  • Calling in your fylgja
  • What the roles are of Seidkona and Volva.
  • The Importance of ‘Utiseta’ and other key concepts.

Week 3: The High Seat

  • The rituals and pathways of taking ‘the High Seat’ of oracular connection.
  • Methods of Trance.
  • Grounding, Sheilding and Protection
  • Rune Circles

Two sessions to choose from:

Tuesday morning 10.30am-12.30pm

Or Tuesday evenings 7pm-9pm

Three consecutive Tuesdays: Tuesday 17th, 24 and 31st of October.

You will be expected to do homework in between sessions to get the most out of the three weeks.

We will be working with the Viking Oracle as reference as well as notes.

If you already have the deck your investment is $150

For those that don’t have a deck a deck, I’ll mail you one and your investment is $175.

To book, please contact bookings@themodernwitch.com or phone Richard Martin on 0400345113

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