September 23, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Via Zoom
richard c martin

Dark Goodess


The Dark Goddesses-

There is a profound beauty in the darkness, the unseen, the mysterious.

In a world where we think we know everything, where the current paradigm of the world tells us that everything is brightly exposed with nothing unknown, choosing to still commune with possibility and the admission that there is indeed some mystery remaining in the darkness, is vital for our balance and harmony as humans.

The Dark Goddesses are misunderstood because they are not evil or death but instead they help us transform our shadow and illuminate the path forward. If we decide to seek or even engage with these shadowy unconscious aspects of ourselves, these darker parts, perhaps we can refine them, perhaps even reshape them into something exquisitely useful and beautiful. Perhaps we could grow to even love them because they are the wholeness of who we actually are. The Goddesses of the Dark can help us.

We will-

–  Explore 6 of the “Dark Goddesses” and their lessons and guidance for us. These

will include Hekate, Kali and Morgan Le Fae.

– We learn about how to create a magical and devotional practice with Goddesses   like this.

–  Learn how work can be supported with the Lunar and Seasonal cycles.

–  Create a spell or ritual for one of the Goddesses to cast.

Two Zoom classes with email support in between. Notes supplied. Zoom classes will be recorded for your convenience.

Small group only.

23rd and 30th September


Cost $95

Be sociable. Share!

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