January 28, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Via Zoom
Richard Martin

Priestess Path


This will be our second official intake of students to this year long exploration of spiritual service and power.

There comes a time when we are ready to become who we have always wanted to be. There comes a time to be still, to centre ourselves and feel out what we have really have inside of us. There comes a time to build our resilience, our strength, our confidence as well as our capacity for joy, creativity and action.
There comes a time when we are ready to reject our reliance on the external for our pleasures and self worth, for this is such false power.

There comes a time when we are ready to develop real power.

That time is now.

We are in a time on this planet where we need more authentic and ethically powerful people who are ready to step up and model what living a life of clear intent is without being distracted by the external of gossip, drama and manipulation.

I wanted to offer more advanced work based partially on traditional priestess teachings for those who feel they are ready and can benefit from it.
The Priestess Path is a year-long teaching that will weave and work with the eight major festivals of the Wheel of the Year as an energetic guide.
The principals of stillness, the raising, holding and sharing of power, and the power keys of self knowledge, self love, self trust, self care and leadership (and more) will all be examined and taught through the filter of ‘the Priestess’.

The teaching will be 8 X 2 hour LIVE Zoom sessions, recorded skills videos, and you will be set with substantial personal work in between, including a ‘major project’.
There will be a bonus session, face to face, in Sydney in January 2022 for those who wish to undertake practical skills in person.

Side effects of completing The Priestess Path:
You can expect to be transformed by this pathway if you choose to be dedicated to the work.
You can expect a sense of capability, sureness, flowfulness, courage, discipline and confident expansion.
Things that used to bother you just will not be on your radar any more.
You’ll be able to handle difficult situations with greater ease and with a solutions based attitude.
You’ll be less fearful about making mistakes and you’ll understand that failure is simply a step in success.
You won’t be so scared.
You’ll see and break old patterns that stopped you being powerful.
You might just let go of who you were and be who you are.

This is advanced work and so there is a level of knowledge and capability I am assuming. It is open to those who have successfully completed the 12 Goddesses and/or the 12 Gods Mentorships or have been practicing the Goddess or Witchcraft paths for some years and additionally, to gain entry, you will have to complete an application which I will assess. Invitations will be extended after this.

I expect this to be a small but solid group.
You will receive Stacey’s Queen of the Moon Oracle Deck or a deck of your choice.

Investment is AUD $720. (gst inclusive) or AUD$190 per qtr
First LIVE date is 28th January 2021 with 8 x 1.5-2 hour sessions throughout the year. All sessions will be recorded for your convenience.

Please contact Richard for more information and for the application details. Email : bookings@themodernwitch.com

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For enquiries or bookings email bookings@themodernwitch.com or contact Richard at RCM Management on 0400 345 113