Riding The Dragon Wave

Many of you rode our second wave for 2012, the ‘Ride the Dragon Wave’ virtual circle. I felt, because this was so powerful for many of you and for myself, that I would record what I felt. Facebook, as you know, automatically removes all events a few days after the date passes so all of our comments there go to the ether! But NOTES remain!

I usually do these kind of big circles in my garden or physically plugged in to the soil itself. For me, the earth literally under my feet is automatically grounding.However, because of the nature of this one, I decided to do this ritual up high on the highest point of my house overlooking the sea. I thought this way the Dragon would rise out of the sea and probably She/He would apprecaite the closeness to the water element.

I set up my crystals, bowls of sea water, fire and a gift or two for the dragon and proceeded to go and get dressed in red. When I returned to open my circle, the wind had grown and a mist of rain drifted down. “Perfect” I thought.

I followed the ritual.

I delved my energy deep into the earth, through all the layers, and realised pretty quickly that I was going to need all the solid grounding I could get because, as the New Moon ticked into existance, I could feel my upper body being buffetted. BIG energy. Energy coming on FAST. I got the real sense that this year is going to be unpredictable and sometimes a wild ride. I felt a little fear but received the advise that the solution to that is to really know thyself, to know that I was strong and to stay centred amongst the chaos. I also recieved the confirmation that risk is important this year- that having courage to ‘think big’ when others are fearful, is key.

Then I raised the energy to the surface again and the dragon broke through. I thought: ‘She’s here! WOW!” Three big stamps of her feet and a roar of fire as she rose, water swirling all about her!

I felt the sheer power of that vibration. I began to feel the others (you) all plugging into this too. I felt the group ‘wow’. A big breath! I could feel my body begin to get what I call the “speed wobbles.” Lots and lots of energy passing through the body quickly.I could feel the adhrenalin and my heart racing.

I consciously grounded a bit more and accepted the dragons energy. I felt her take from me everythingthat was ‘extra’. It was pulled from me like the wind was pulling my hair. I found myself giving her what I no longer wanted- my fears, my worries, my doubt. With every communication of this, she tossed her head back, roared and burnt it all away. All of it.

I knew that I was making some kind of an agreement. I wasnt sure what that was as the water began to swirl around her and us and the wave began to rise. I outstreched my arms and raise the wave even higher and watched as the dragon dove in. I followed. It was almost a relief to finally delve deep.

I then found myself on the wave- with all of you. So many of you! I high fived! I held hands. I even pulled a few up and saw some of you do the same. We were shouting and laughing, playing – AND MOVING VERY FAST! I restated my intentions, but it seemed just a ‘given’ that I was travelling towards them. We were all so joyous and we recognised each other. What I also became every aware of was that we were all going the same way. Whilst we all had our style, our own moves, our own boards- we were all united.

I realised then, what I had a agreed to with the Dragon. I agreed to be brave. To be centred. To Trust. And most of all to have real faith that all will be not just OK, but madly, wildly, mindblowingly brilliant.

I thanked the Universe, the deities and the Dragon. I sat in my cicle then, feeling and accepting the wave and all the global vibrations being sent. I didn’t want to leave! Once I had closed the circle it was amazing connecting with literally hundreds of you via FB and email. Globally, we had so many similar experiences! (((LOVE)))

Below is the Ritual just in case you want it again to reconnect. Feel free to add it to your Book of Shadows if you keep one.

In conclusion, I just want to thank each and everyone of the Wave Riders- you have power and it is real. You know that now. You’ve felt it physically, mentally and spiritually. There are no more excuses to ever feel small!

See you on the next wave…

Stacey Demarco

Riding the Dragon Wave Virtual Circle

Chinese New Year 2012 falls in the southern hemisphere on the 23rd of January AEST daylight savings taken into account. As the moon enters the ‘new phase’ at 6.39pm I wanted us to be in meditation at this time if possible. Many millions of folks around the world will be wishing for a better year (just like our Dec 31st) so this gives us a wonderful second chance at capturing New Years wishing energy.

This year is the year of the Water Dragon. Perfect isnt it! 🙂

Whilst it may well be a typical Dragon year of unpredictability and great change, the water element gives a flowful and cleansing quality. As the Chinese see the dragon as a unity of many animals, we too can see this as a chance to unite again in strong intention and strength.

Ahead of time:

For those that jumped on the wave at New Years Eve this is a ritual to strengthen your connection to the wave, centre yourself more fully and to flow even faster. You will also be restating your intentions for 2012. For those who did not make any New years intentions or jump on the wave, here is your chance. You will need to think about what you wish to bring forth this year and think big! Please also ensure one of these intentions is for the greater good.

Think where you will be when we come together in this incredible circle. Where will you be casting and receiving? Have this clearly in your mind and if possible go to this place to check out the energy and know that this will be the place that something magical will indeed occur!

You will need the following for our circle:

A note listing your intentions (or if you remember clearly just have these in your mind) (THINK BIG!)
A large bowl filled with salty water (handful of salt is just fine or if you are near the beach grab a flask of sea water)
A red candle.
A symbol of the Dragon (this can be a drawing, a picture, something firey like incense…up to you Matches or lighter

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to be somewhere where you can’t use the bowl & candle (eg the office) that is just fine- you’ll be able to ride the wave without tools! 🙂

On the day of the virtual circle:

Ensure you are happy with your list, have your tools with you (if you are going to use tools) and as relaxed as possible. Read through the Ritual again so you know what you will do. Print out a copy if you wish or even summarise it.

Hour to Half an hour prior- you might like to check into FB and connect online with others! Loads of last minute good wishes and discussion no doubt!

Five to ten minutes prior: Turn off your phone. Go to your place and create some sacred space. This means for some to create a sacred circle, or create some protective space in the manner you would normally. Most of you have your own way of doing this. For the complete beginner, an easy way to do this is to think about an extremely happy memory or a time you have felt safe and loved, pump this up and point your finger, arms outstretched and trace a circle around you saying: “ I create now a circle of power. No negativity shall pass and I am protected!”


If you can, be outdoors. Stand quietly. Have the salted water,symbol and candle with you if you are using them. Breathe deeply and centre.

Light the candle.

Imagine hundreds of others doing the same. Imagine a giant circle of others, all excited and hopeful, doing the same as you! Connect in with them.

Shut your eyes.

Place your awareness in your feet. The soles of your feet. Feel how the cells vibrate into the surface of the ground you are standing on. You can’t tell your feet from the earth. You are plugging in.

You feel the bottom of your feet extend downwards, like the roots of a tree. Pushing through the soil going more deeply with each breath. You can feel the moisture and the goodness.

You extend yourself down further and you can now feel the rocks and the water. There is great power in this- the Earth Mother – you can feel Her!

Take a deep breath. Allow your roots to delve even more deeply and as you do you can feel the heat of the earth, the creative power of the centre, of lava and of fire. This feels GOOD!

You are so very deeply connected from the centre of the earth to the surface!

Feel the power of this!

Allow this energy to begin to rise in your body…give it a color or a sound, feel the power of the earth- travelling up through your feet now, your legs, your hips ever upwards until it spills outwards from the top of your head! Every cell in your body is buzzing!You are feeling so powerful and protected and joyful!!

Open your eyes:Say out loud: “I am grateful for past blessings and wish to set forth once more what I wish for this year in growth and joy! I ask that you assist me and that all my brothers and sisters in this circle help me now. I now, humbly, call forth the power of the DRAGON!!”

There is a whistling sound, like the wind. You can feel the energy rumbling from the place of fire in the earths core. It feels amazing! Something is working its way to the surface in front of you…

Suddenly, a great Dragon is cracking through the surface in front of you. She is magnificent and huge! You see her fins, and her wings unfold. Each of her scales glisten with irridescent colours as she now rises to her full height.

She gives you Her attention- do not be afraid.

NOW READ OUT OR RESTATE YOUR LIST OF THINGS YOU WANT TO HER. DO THIS OUT LOUD AND WITH GREAT POWER! Then say: “Great Water Dragon, I ask that you give these intentions power, passion and FLOW!”

Watch now as this dragon breathes out a huge breath of fire! The sound!!! WOW! FEEL THE POWER!

Now, hold up the symbol of the dragon that you have. Allow her to breathe fire upon it, blessing it! AGAIN: feel that POWER!

Place the symbol down now.

The Dragon rises us and now stamps upon the earth causing water to begin to rise out of the ground!

Extend your arms outwards with your palms forwards just like you are ready to receive a huge present. Open your eyes and ‘see’ the ocean or the water now swirling around you and the dragon.

Go now to the bowl of salt water and splash a little on your heart and take a little into your mouth. Taste the salt, from the ocean, from where all things come!

YOU FEEL SO GOOD! SO POWERFUL! The more good feelings you feel, the more the water swells. The dragon begins to dive through the water and the wave that is growing. It is so beautiful!

You are aware of the others in this circle doing this and their positive, loving energy too! You look down and your heart is glowing in your chest (just as it was last time).

There rumbling continues, a deep vibration,as the wave again forms in directly front of you!You can control this!


Now imagine diving through and riding this wave….AND OTHERS ARE NOW ON IT, RIDING IT WITH YOU!!!WOW!!!!!!!

Say LOUDLY over the roar of the wave: YES!! YES!! YES!! I see you!

Feel the relief, the coolness, the power! Smell the salt air! Ride- Just as you would if you were a skilled surfer or body surfer- you are focused riding the wave to exactly where you wish to go! IT IS SO EASY!!! You are unstoppable!

Breathe in the life! The joy! Give out a WOOHOOOOOO!

Think “This is easy!”Experience this difference. LET GOOOOO!Connect with everything and everyone- look! Wave!!

You may even see the dragon swimming and perhaps even flying in the sky!!

Once you have ridden your wave, this wave that goes right around the world, come back, back into your body and thank the Universe (your deity, Higher Power etc) and the Water Dragon for this experience and thank the others in the circle too.

Blow out the candle or leave it until it burns down- up to you.

Gift some of your energy to the Earth any way you choose.

Know, things are different.Decide on one thing you will take action with to bring your intention to you even faster. Post this here on FB if you like!

You have your Dragon Symbol to use to remind you of this ride and to use as a talisman for inspiration as you grow forward.

Be sociable. Share!

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