Read the difference between session/reading types below to make sure you are booking the right type for your desired outcome

There are several session/reading types to choose from. The outcome of your session/reading will help you to determine which type is the most suited to your desired outcome. Take the time to think about what it is that you want to achieve and then go through the session types to make your choice. Once you have chosen the right one for you then contact us to make a booking.


Personal spellcasting is a very practical way to move yourself forward particularly if you are feeling stuck in some way, whether it be in matters of the heart, wallet or body. As a Witch, I have had vast experience in getting clients clear about what they really want, creating powerful personal spells to facilitate this and encouraging you forward with practical compassion.One hour Personal Spellcasting is only available for existing clients.New clients must book a Tri-Lunar Spellcasting.

Cost: $200
Time: 60 mins

A Coffee Oracle Reading is a reading from the symbols that appear in your coffee cup. Stacey will arrange for a barista coffee to be served in her offices (yes, you can have a cappuccino, an espresso, in fact any kind of coffee you like… even a hot chocolate!) and will read your cup. Stacey is an expert in this field and her book The Coffee Oracle is based on her teachings.

Cost: $150
Time: 30 mins


An Oracle Reading is psychic/intuitive in nature and often involves future predictions and answers to specific questions. It’s basis is to give you accurate information that will most benefit you and questions are encouraged. Stacey may use a number of Oracles from cards to scrying to get answers for you.

Cost: $150
Time: 30 mins


As an ethical practitioner, I want people to heal and heal in a long-term and real way. I want to work with people on a deeper level so that my client experiences the kind of incredible momentum that spellcraft can give over time and under my guidance. For new clients, we offer a Tri-Lunar cycle of sessions ( three concurrent sessions including a Cord Cutting session.) Usually, we time these as one session per moon cycle but the timing may be tighter if the situation is acute. All sessions include any herbs or magical supplies needed.

As we are casting in real time, the client can see how the results are playing out for them and they can then boost, change, or enhance the energy with another spell during the next lunar cycle if needed. This is particularly important in the areas of love/lust relationships and fertility as things do change quite rapidly at times.

Cost: $600
Time: 3 X 60 mins sessions over 3  moon cycles concurrently (or less )

I personally consider the process of Cutting Cords one of the most powerful tools Witches have at their disposal to create momentum and healing. It is one of the most ancient and powerful of processes and so, this work is to be undertaken mindfully.

Cutting the Cords is shamanic in its origins and is a deeply meditative ritual that will allow you to break the bonds of reduce fear and set yourself free to move forward. It is undertaken during the one-hour session with me. Typically, I assist clients to Cut the Cords between themselves and another person, a negative situation or habit or from a fear or belief that does not serve them well any longer. The connection that is severed is the connection that does not serve you only. Anything positive will remain- such as the lesson learned or the gifts of the relationship- but space will be made to move forward into something new. It is deeply healing.

When you are making a booking please indicate clearly that you will be requiring a Cord Cutting Session as I must specially prepare for this ahead of time.

Cost: $200 (Existing clients only. New clients receive Cord Cutting as part of Tri-Lunar Spellcasting )
Time: 60 mins

If you are recovering from illness, need a boost to your vitality or want your energy cleared for a fresh start this is the treatment for you.

$200 and includes a take home energetic herb blend.

Cost: $200
Time: 45 minutes, In Person appointments only

Read below for more information about sessions, what is included in your bookings and how to make one. Please read carefully to make sure you are aware of what it is your are booking.

What is a Personal Spellcasting Session like?

Caroline, 36, Systems Manager writes “ I was a bit nervous, but Stacey’s warm and understanding manner certainly relaxed me. She helped me focus and get clear about what I really wanted to achieve. We worked on a personal ritual for me together and I felt very confident about casting it even though I had no experience.”

Tom, 42, Small Business Owner writes: “ I thought Stacey would be casting for me, but I understand that it’s all part of the empowering process to do it myself. I got great results. My relationship has changed dramatically for the better …its more passionate and honest.”

Ellie, 25, Artist, writes: “ She is very modern and very professional. I couldn’t believe all the herbs she has…and how she prescribed and created something very personal for me on the spot. I went home with lots of goodies. I couldn’t wait to cast my Spell!”

Skye, 30, Sales Manager: “I had just started doing Spells and was concerned that my Love Spells may have gone wrong. Stacey is a very experienced Witch and helped me both allay my fears and to cast with purpose.”

How long is each session?

Most initial Personal Spellcasting sessions last around 60 minutes and I will need this time to discuss your issues with you and create spells unique for your needs. You will receive any specialist magical supplies that you may need included in the cost.

Oracle and Coffee Oracle readings are strictly 30 minutes.

Many clients like to have both a reading and a spellcasting (get clear and get moving forward!) and this means you will need to put 90 minutes aside.Simply request this when booking or enquiring.

Where are the sessions held?

Stacey’s relaxing rooms are in the Awareness Institute, Crows Nest, five minutes from the Harbour Bridge and close to public transport. Whilst personal sessions are ideal, I can easily work with you over the telephone and mail you the prescribed herbs at no extra fee. For international clients, you may find it easier to source magical supplies closer to home if you need to cast quickly.

What Stacey doesn’t do!

I am not a medium and those who are seeking specific contact with people who have passed should see a medium. We are happy to recommend great mediums should you contact us through our contact page. I proudly work according to ethical laws of Witchcraft and as such will not involve myself with interfering with free will or dark magic. To give some examples of this, I will not cast curses, send negative energy to another nor cast spells upon others. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. In the case of love spells, I have regular positive results in obtaining ideal relationships without casting for a specific person. Yes, you can do love spells ethically with great power if you know how!

For further information and testimonials, contact us using the form on the contact page.

How do I book?

Bookings are taken normally at least 7 days in advance, dependant upon Stacey’s schedule but we always try to leave some appointments free for emergencies.

You can reserve your session :
0400 345113 (Richard – RCM Management)
EMAIL: You may like to email and mention a time that is most convenient to you as a starting point.

All Personal Spellcasting sessions include all magic supplies such as herbs. Coffee Oracle readings include a barista coffee of your choice. Please note all prices include GST. All phone charges and additional postal changes are not included in the above prices. Full non-refundable payment 48hrs prior to the session and can be made via Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

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