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Introduction to Oracle Reading @ Via Zoom
Sep 24 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Do you want to enjoy your oracle reading more and be more accurate with the information you receive?

 Do you want to improve your intuition and communication techniques?

 Learn some ancient history of oracles and why humans have always dabbled in the oracular arts across cultures?

Learn what makes a good oracle?

Discover how to use oracle decks in further magic?

 Specifically learn how to get the most out of the new “The Elemental Oracle “deck?


Join Stacey Demarco, the creator of eight best selling oracle decks, in a free zoom workshop on everything oracular.

We will be using “The Elemental Oracle” as the example in the teachings so please bring that along to the session, as well as something you can use as a blindfold.

This is a introductory level educational, so everyone is welcome. Notes will be provided as a download.

When: Thursday, September 24th 7-8.30pm via Zoom.

How can I register?  Send an email to Richard Martin at

Hope to see you there!

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Elemental Magic: Science/Power/Magic @ Via Zoom
Oct 15 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Elemental Magic:  Science/Power/Magic


4 weeks, 1.5 hours per session

15,22,29 October , 5 November

Live with Stacey Demarco via Zoom


Discover your own power through the Elements that are already present in our world.


Each week we will delve deeply into the alchemic magic of each of the four pillars of elemental magic: earth, air, fire and water. Each of these has, in turn, associated elements which can be woven into profound magic to improve your life.

I will be teaching you the basics of spellcraft and the way elemental energies can be used to layer your power within magical process.

You will be able to use these skills for the rest of your life and more importantly, be able to feel more inspired, grounded, purposeful and  flexible.

Notes will be provided and work will be set between sessions. Email support in between sessions.

All sessions will be recorded in case you miss the session or wish to access the information again.


Your investment is $195  Please contact Richard Martin on to book. Limited numbers.

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What Next? -Refresh. Renew. Respond . LIVE via Zoom @ LIVA via Zoom
Nov 15 @ 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm

What Next? 

-Refresh. Renew. Respond.-


2.5  hours (including a short break.)

An interactive and live zoom intensive.

You will be doing the exercises and techniques LIVE in real time. We will be filming live from the Urban Hotel. It is important that you give yourself space and time on the day.

Many of us are feeling heavy and unmotivated and it is really hard to find a way forward with this lack of flowfulness.  We might feel angry or ungrounded. We might be feeling small and powerless.

Instead, we need to break the inertia and get moving again. Gather ourselves, be tender with ourselves,  get our confidence back and take some risks towards what we NOW want.

Times have changed. So have you.

This intensive will help you:

  • Get clear about what you want now in a pleasure-led way.
  • Set some new intentions or goals for yourself without negative pressure.
  • Boost your self esteem, self trust and confidence.
  • Shrug off the heaviness and inertia and clear your energy.
  • Identify the barriers to your growth right now and learn spellcraft techniques to get rid of these.
  • Show you how to change your state to a more powerful and useful one.
  • To use the lunar energies, seasonal energies and potion herbs effectively to contribute to your workings.
  • Have a plan to move forward with.


Notes will be provided.

Limited numbers.


Date and time: 4.30pm-7pm  Sydney time. This will also make it available to our northern hemisphere folk for their time Sunday morning.


AUD $135 and bookings are essential. Book via

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Get Your New Years Resolutions for 2021 via ZOOM @ Via Zoom
Dec 27 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm




Are you sick of making New Years resolutions and not being able to make the stick?

Make it different for 2021 and get what you want through the empowerment of Witchcraft.

Do you want to give up a bad habit, get fitter or improve your relationship?

Or maybe you want to find a partner, fulfil your purpose or increase your wealth?

Or maybe, you don’t really know what you really want!

No matter what your situation, you will learn how to remove obstacles and move towards your Resolutions.
This is one of my most popular workshops and we are running it finally for everyone via Zoom !! We have been running this for 23 years straight with amazing results so we are so happy to share this around the world!!

In this workshop you will also:
* Discover the magical ingredients and timings best for your resolution.
* Learn how to create your own spells and chants
* Take part in a fun and powerful ritual that will bring you closer to getting what you desire!
* Get instructions to cast a powerful spell on New Years Eve complete with herbs!

Past participants got amazing results such as giving up smoking, starting new businesses, finding their purpose, achieving pregnancy, getting a great new jobs and increasing prosperity!

Cost AUD$99

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The Priestess Path 2021 via Zoom @ Via Zoom
Jan 28 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Priestess Path


This will be our second official intake of students to this year long exploration of spiritual service and power.

There comes a time when we are ready to become who we have always wanted to be. There comes a time to be still, to centre ourselves and feel out what we have really have inside of us. There comes a time to build our resilience, our strength, our confidence as well as our capacity for joy, creativity and action.
There comes a time when we are ready to reject our reliance on the external for our pleasures and self worth, for this is such false power.

There comes a time when we are ready to develop real power.

That time is now.

We are in a time on this planet where we need more authentic and ethically powerful people who are ready to step up and model what living a life of clear intent is without being distracted by the external of gossip, drama and manipulation.

I wanted to offer more advanced work based partially on traditional priestess teachings for those who feel they are ready and can benefit from it.
The Priestess Path is a year-long teaching that will weave and work with the eight major festivals of the Wheel of the Year as an energetic guide.
The principals of stillness, the raising, holding and sharing of power, and the power keys of self knowledge, self love, self trust, self care and leadership (and more) will all be examined and taught through the filter of ‘the Priestess’.

The teaching will be 8 X 2 hour LIVE Zoom sessions, recorded skills videos, and you will be set with substantial personal work in between, including a ‘major project’.
There will be a bonus session, face to face, in Sydney in January 2022 for those who wish to undertake practical skills in person.

Side effects of completing The Priestess Path:
You can expect to be transformed by this pathway if you choose to be dedicated to the work.
You can expect a sense of capability, sureness, flowfulness, courage, discipline and confident expansion.
Things that used to bother you just will not be on your radar any more.
You’ll be able to handle difficult situations with greater ease and with a solutions based attitude.
You’ll be less fearful about making mistakes and you’ll understand that failure is simply a step in success.
You won’t be so scared.
You’ll see and break old patterns that stopped you being powerful.
You might just let go of who you were and be who you are.

This is advanced work and so there is a level of knowledge and capability I am assuming. It is open to those who have successfully completed the 12 Goddesses and/or the 12 Gods Mentorships or have been practicing the Goddess or Witchcraft paths for some years and additionally, to gain entry, you will have to complete an application which I will assess. Invitations will be extended after this.

I expect this to be a small but solid group.
You will receive Stacey’s Queen of the Moon Oracle Deck or a deck of your choice.

Investment is AUD $720. (gst inclusive) or AUD$190 per qtr
First LIVE date is 28th January 2021 with 8 x 1.5-2 hour sessions throughout the year. All sessions will be recorded for your convenience.

Please contact Richard for more information and for the application details. Email :

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The Enchanted Moon via Zoom @ Via Zoom
Jan 31 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Enchanted moon

Everything you wanted to learn about Lunar Magic from the author of the annual Lunar & Seasonal Diary. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, these moonlit sessions are for you.

– The alchemy of lunar science
– How the moon cycle works step-by-step for magic, balance, health,love and self realisation.
-How EVERY phase is magical!
– Examples of Ancient and modern rituals and ceremonies to help you get the most out of the lunar cycle
– Discover the Goddesses, Gods and sacred animals of the Moon and how their mythos can guide us towards a better life.
– Gardening by the moon guidelines
– What to do and not do on Full Moons and Dark Moons
– Learn how to create powerful talismans, amulets and potions as well as basic skills like making aqua luna.
– Learn how to layer your power with the elements, seasons, tides and other natural phenomena to gain even more effectiveness with moon workings.
…and more!

4 sessions of 1.5 hours each live via Zoom with practice work set in between.
Held every two weeks. All sessions recorded just in case you miss one. Notes provided.
DATES: Sunday 31 Jan, 14 Feb, 28 Feb, 14th March.

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Discovering Witchcraft via Zoom @ Via Zoom
Apr 18 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Discovering Witchcraft


Learn the practical basics of REAL magic with Stacey Demarco.

In this hands on workshop you will-

  • Discover the history of Witchcraft
  • Learn why and how spells work in real life.
  • Create your own spells and chants confidently
  • Learn about magical timings and the role of the lunar and seasonal energies.
  • Find out what you should NEVER do in spellcraft.
  • Cast a number of spells that really work in assisting you to make positive change in your life.
  • Learn how to shield and ground.
  • Learn about the role of Gods and Goddesses
  • Learn about magical herbs and resins

And have fun with like-minds! Many experienced witches have started their path in this workshop!

Textbook, incense and notes are included. No experience  necessary.

2  Live sessions  via Zoom  4 to 7pm
Sunday 18th April & 2 May
Notes will be provided and tasks will be set between sessions with support .

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Clear and Free: How to Cleanse your Space and Yourself the Witches Way via Zoom @ Via Zoom
May 23 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Right now a lot of us are feeling stuck and heavy. For some of us, although our house has been our sanctuary during Covid, the time has come to give it a good cleansing and rededicate the space.

This is a skills-based workshop where you will learn practical techniques in clearing, protection and dedication of spaces.

  • Learn why the Witches Way is so effective in clearing and protection
  • Learn how to place wards and gridding techniques for your home and property
  • Discover the best plants and herbs for clearing….. it’s not always about sage!
  • Make a salt blend for house clearing
  • How to make traditional potion salts for cleansing yourself and for increasing energy and happiness
  • How to use Aqua Lunar and Aqua Sola
  • Rededicate your Space into something better !

Notes included. Email Support

Sunday 23rd May 2021 4pm to 7pm  Sydney time

Cost AUD $99

Bookings :  or 0400345113

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