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The Dark Goddess @ Via Zoom
Jan 20 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Dark Goodess

As many of you know, I have been running a more comprehensive and deeper year-long programmes for the last few years because I believe that to make lasting positive change in our lives, we need time to do so.

For 2022, I will be leading an exploration of the Dark Goddesses and the power they can bring to our lives.

Why the Dark Goddesses?

Firstly, there is a profound beauty in the darkness, the unseen, the mysterious.

In a world where we think we know everything, where the current paradigm of the world tells us that everything is brightly exposed with nothing unknown, choosing to still commune with possibility and the admission that there is indeed some mystery remaining in the darkness, is vital for our balance and harmony as humans.

Secondly, the Dark Goddesses are misunderstood. They are not evil or full of death but instead they help us transform our shadow, reveal our power and illuminate the path forward. If we decide to seek or even engage with these shadowy ill-formed unconscious aspects of ourselves, these darker parts, perhaps we can refine them, perhaps even reshape them into something exquisitely useful and beautiful. Perhaps we could grow to even love them because they are the wholeness of who we actually are. The Goddesses of the Dark can help do this and with pleasure and joy as they have done for thousands of years.

Thirdly, the Dark Goddesses spur us into taking action. These are big energies that encourage and compel us to participate in bettering our own lives.

Who would benefit from this magical year?

Anyone who wants to release, re-focus and renew. Anyone who is interested in the power of the Goddesses and their mythos. Anyone who wants to get unstuck and to clear away what is in their way. Anyone looking to travel down a pagan pathway and who is specifically interested in witch’s skills.

This is a practical programme, meaning there are tasks and actions you must engage with to get the most out of this, so if you can’t dedicate 2 hours a month to the work (outside the zoom class), it’s possibly not for you.

We will:
–  Explore 12 (or more) of the “Dark Goddesses” and their lessons and guidance for us.
– Each month we learn more about ourselves through the framework and mythos of these darkly divine deity.
–  Learn how this deeper work can be supported with the Lunar and Seasonal cycles as we travel through the year.
-Each month a witch’s skill, corresponding to the Goddess we will be working on, will be offered for you to learn. These will include writing chants, using herbs, potion making, enlivening talismans and spellcasting techniques.

12x 1.5hr Zoom classes with email support in between. Notes supplied.
Zoom classes will be recorded for your convenience and available to you ongoing. Confidential Facebook page for group discussion is optional.
Small group only for individual support.

Thursday 7pm to 8.30pm

20/1, 17/2,24/3,21/4,26/5,23/6,21/7,25/8,15/9,27/10,24/11,15/12
Cost AUD$720 for year or AUD$190 per quarter

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A Day in the Temple @ Urban Hotel St Leonards Sydney
Mar 20 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm



Join Stacey Demarco live for a day of practical devotion and magic.

In ancient times, the deities were woven into everyday life seamlessly. A day began by offering gratitude, ended with intentional prayers for protection and life was under the gods in between. Here is a practical workshop that shows you how to begin a daily practice that is nourishing, inspiring and relevant to you.

You’ll learn:

– How to identify and work with your patron Gods and Goddesses
– How to set up a devotional practice even if you are busy
– The Lunar & Seasonal Cycles & how that affects magic
– Creating herbal and incense offerings (general and specific to deity)
– Writing effective chants & spells
– How to make talismans and enliven statues
– Creating an altar

This workshop is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Small group only so please book promptly.

This is a live event. We will be working within the public health orders relating to Covid at the time and specifically, to those required by the Urban Hotel. At present, this means only fully vaccinated people are able to attend.

AUD$185 including notes, herb & incense materials and a set of “Gods & Titans”,“Goddess & Sirens” or “Queen of the Moon” Oracle cards.

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Poppets, Potions and Curse Reversals: @ Urban Hotel
May 22 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Poppets, Potions and Curse Reversals:

July 24th th  10am- 5pm

Witches Skills Level 2

This is a workshop covering some of the key skills in magical witchcraft.

  • Discover the principals of Potion making
  • Mix your own potion with herbs, oils and essences and learn how to connect it to spellcraft successfully.
  • Sew, stuff and enliven a poppet.
  • Learn what curses are and how to protect yourself – prevention!
  • Learn how to diagnose and the process of curse reversal.

You will be provided with lots of herbs, oils and goodies to get practical on the day!

Notes will be provided and you’ll be taking home what you make!

This is a level 2 workshop. This is only for people that have basic or intermediate witchcraft knowledge and are practicing and casting. This is not a complete beginners workshop. If you have completed “Discovering Witchcraft”, this is the minimum. If in doubt, contact us.


$195 – SMALL NUMBERS ONLY so please contact us now to book. Bookings or information email: or call 0400345113.

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The Oracle -Introduction to Oracle Reading @ Urban Hotel St Leonards Sydney
May 22 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Do you want to enjoy your oracle reading more and be more accurate with the information you receive?

Do you want to improve your intuition and communication techniques?

Learn some ancient history of oracles and why humans have always dabbled in the oracular arts across cultures?

Learn what makes a good oracle? Want to discover how an oracular system is constructed?

Discover how to use oracle decks in further magic?

Join Stacey Demarco, the creator of eight best selling oracle decks.

We will be using one of Stacey’s decks that you will receive on the day. You can choose from the “Queen of the Moon”, “The Elemental Oracle”,  “The Viking Oracle” or “Divine Animals” as the example in the teachings.

Please bring that along something you can use as a blindfold like a scarf or sleeping mask.

This is an introductory level educational, but suitable for everyone who wants to improve their reading, so everyone is welcome. Notes will be provided as a download.

This is a live event. We will be working within the public health orders relating to Covid at the time and specifically, to those required by The Urban Hotel. At present, this means only fully vaccinated people are able to attend.

AUD $185 including notes, Oracle Deck and incense.

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How to get the most out of your Lunar Diary Part 2 @ Via Zoom
Nov 3 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm



Join Stacey Demarco on how to get the most out of your Lunar Diary. We will look at lunar cycles, solar cycles, the way spells are constructed and the wheel of the year. You need to register with Richard at to get the meeting code.

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The Enchanted Moon @ Urban Hotel St Leonards Sydney
Nov 13 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Enchanted moon

Everything you wanted to learn about Lunar Magic from the author of the annual Lunar & Seasonal Diary. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, these moonlit sessions are for you.

– The alchemy of lunar science
– How the moon cycle works step-by-step for magic, balance, health,love and self realisation.
-How EVERY phase is magical!
– Examples of Ancient and modern rituals and ceremonies to help you get the most out of the lunar cycle
– Discover the Goddesses, Gods and sacred animals of the Moon and how their mythos can guide us towards a better life.
– Gardening by the moon guidelines
– What to do and not do on Full Moons and Dark Moons
– Learn how to create powerful talismans, amulets and potions as well as basic skills like making aqua luna.
– Learn how to layer your power with the elements, seasons, tides and other natural phenomena to gain even more effectiveness with moon workings.
…and more!

Open to all Levels

Please contact us now to book : or call Richard 0400345113

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Moon Bloom – A Day of Mythos @ Urban Hotel
Dec 4 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Details:
December 4th
10am -5pm
The Urban Hotel,
St. Leonards Sydney NSW

There are limited tickets. Yes, you can bring friends but please do not reserve tickets and not come because others will miss out on a space! Entry will be by ticket only.

To reserve tickets please contact Richard Martin at or call him on 0400345113 and tell us how many tickets you want and the names of those going.

Please contact Richard now to avoid disappointment as this well sell out .

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Protective Magic- Defend, Clear, Empower @ Via Zoom
Feb 9 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Protective Magic- Defend, Clear, Empower.

Annual Programme 12 sessions of 1.5 hours via Zoom, over 12 months.

From February 9.

One of the oldest kinds of witchcraft is that of protective magic. Discover how you can ethically and effectively banish negative energy, defend against purposeful negative casting, protect your home and business and of course experience more empowerment, peace and flow.

In this authentic year-long programme we learn:

  • The history of protective/defensive magic.
  • The circles of protection: you, your home, others.
  • The role of spells, ritual and other workings
  • Curses and thrown negative magic: How to diagnose, protect, dispel and renew
  • Home and work protection
  • Lunar & Solar cycles and how they assist us with protection
  • The role of protective gods,goddesses and other energies.
  • Amulets and Talismans

And more….

This is a practical course and work is expected to be completed each month for best results. All sessions recorded for your convenience.

$775 including a “Deep, Dark & Dangerous” or  Deck “The Enchanted Moon” & pack of materials.

Ask us about payment plans.

We start in Feb 9, so please ensure you are booked early.

Dates : Feb 9,March 9,April 20,May 11,June15,July 6,Aug 10,Sept 7,Oct 5,Nov 9,Dec 7,Jan 18

10% discount to those who have completed another annual programme with us.

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Discovering Witchcraft: @ Via Zoom
Mar 16 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Discovering Witchcraft


Discovering Witchcraft:

2 x 2 hour sessions, via Zoom, March 16 and 30.

Learn from Stacey Demarco, a Witch and author with over 25 years of teaching experience.

Witchcraft can be a highly misunderstood path, but Stacey will show you why the Witches Way has been the rational and spiritual choice for improving lives for thousands of years. Plus it’s fun!

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the history of Witchcraft
  • Learn why and how spells work
  • Create your own spells and write your own chants
  • Learn about magical timings and plant allies.
  • Discover which Goddesses are working with you right now.
  • Cast a number of spells that really work in assisting you to make personal positive change in your life.
  • Learn to open a sacred space and work with the nature and the elements.
  • Understand the lunar cycle and how Witches use it
  • Discover the Wheel of the Year.

All levels welcome.

$220 including notes, email support and a copy of “Witch in the Boardroom”.

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Wild Souls India: Adventures with the Tiger Goddess
Apr 8 @ 3:00 pm – Apr 16 @ 4:00 pm

Wild Souls India:

Adventures with the Tiger Goddess

8th to 16th April 2023  

9 days, 8 nights.

New Delhi –Raipur- Kanha – Bandhavgarh – Jabalpur – New Delhi

“Otherwise, he would be far away in the jungle; tasting, touching, seeing, and feeling new things.” 

― Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book

There are places in the world so beautiful, so mythic, that writers and artists, both ancient and modern, create whole works around them.

There are places on the planet that allow us to unfurl our wildness and seek our own courage and bravery once again amongst their profound beauty.

There are places where power animals still walk and SEE you within their own realms.

There are places where Goddesses still live and where they inspire us to let go of the burden of the everyday.

This adventure will take you deep into such places.

Wild Souls India will be centred around taking authentic safaris into two of India’s most stunning national parks, Kanha and Bandhavgarh, in search of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The tigers have special power and significance in Hindu and Indian culture, and the Goddesses Durga (She who rides the Tiger) and Kali-Ma are specifically aligned with these rare and mysterious animals.

Both parks are outrageously beautiful and you will have the best naturalist guides to explore them with you. You’ll also be staying in fantastic accommodation that reflects the area and gives you a point of luxury to balance out all that hard-core jungle!

After meeting in Delhi, we will fly into Raipur and then drive to Kanha. Kanha National Park is pure “Jungle Book’ territory, and is where Rudyard Kipling found his inspiration for his famous work. Yes, here is Shere Kahn territory, with high densities of tigers and the ability to spot animals that are found nowhere else.

Kanha boasts of about 38 species of mammals. Some of the inhabitants of this park are the gaur, the largest of the world’s cattle; the sambar, the largest Indian deer; and the chausingha, the only four-horned antelope in the world. Other frequent visitors include the Nilgai antelope, the sloth bear, the dhole, or Indian wild dog, and an occasional Leopard. Some 300 species of birds inhabit the park, that includes the storks, egrets, black ibis, raptors, owls, and the red- wattled lapwings.

Kanha is located right in the heart of India, and is a quieter area which also gives you an opportunity to experience the rural, tribal, and agricultural parts of India- the true India.

After spending 3 nights in Kanha, after our morning safari and lunch we depart by road for the magnificent national park of Bandhavgarh where we will also spend 3 nights.  As well as world famous tigers, other wild attractions in the park include Leopards, Blue Bulls, Indian Gaur (Bison) Chausingha (Four Horned Antelopes), Spotted Deers, Sambar Deer, Wild Boar, Sloth Bears Fox, Jackals, Wild Dogs, etc. There are at least 22 mammal species and about 250 bird species in the Park. There are also Ratel, Porcupine, Small Indian Civet, Palm Squirrel, Lesser Bandicoot rat, the Jungle Cat, and the shy Hyenas. The reptile population in the park includes Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Ratsnakes, Pythons, Monitor Lizards and turtles. The two primate species – the rhesus macaque and the Hanuman langur are seen and heard!

Bandhavgarh has been a centre of human activity and settlement for over 2000 years, and there are references to it in the ancient books, the Narad-Panch Ratra and the Shiva Purana. We will have the opportunity to walk to local villages and experience the culture here.

Both areas are rooted deeply in mythos. We will do ritual and workings in each. For example” the fort in Bandhavgarhwa is said to date back to the mythos of Hanuman and Rama from the Hindu sacred epic the ‘Ramayana”. The mythos tells of the two monkeys that created the setu (bridge) between India and Lanka to vanquish evil demons, built the protective fort here.

We will then travel back to Delhi for our farewell celebration and the next day, we have a morning tour of the city and will visit a Durga temple for a final blessing. Our service to you ends after the tour on the 26th.

“Oppress not the cubs of the stranger, but hail them as Sister and Brother,” 
― Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book

What’s included in your Wild Souls India experience?

–  Internal return flights from Delhi to Raipur

–  Road transfers from Raipur, from Kanha, and from Bandhavgarh

–  All Accommodation:

2 nights accommodation (1st and last night) in the very cool Roseate House in New Delhi.

3 nights accommodation at the Singinawa Jungle Lodge. Kanha.

This is a true safari-style lodge geared up specifically to support explorers. It is luxurious and bespoke with a 1,000 square foot museum onsite which is an ode to the spectacular work of the local indigenous Gond and Baiga artisans. In between our safaris and sessions, swim in the pool, book a spa treatment, go for a walk with a naturalist- it’s all available here.

3 nights at the Bandhav Villas, Bandavgarh.

This is a carefully designed, highly authentic 5-star safari lodge. Again, a venue geared up to support your adventures but the kind of place you can return home to muddy and dirty from your safari and then delve into some luxury. Weather permitting, we will eat dinner under the stars one night and tell stories around the fire.

–  Your Meals: Nourishing meals from our first evening in Delhi through to our last breakfast back in Delhi are included. Our meals will reflect the cuisine of the areas we travel within and please discuss any specialised dietary requirements with us.

– Our activities and adventures:

As always on a Wild Souls Retreat, we immerse ourselves with the natural environment and the people who live there. As we will be travelling to jungle environments that are remote and deeply mythic, we have the services of some experts and naturalist guides who will assist us to get the most out of our visit.

– We start with a welcome dinner and briefing in the modern Roseate Hotel in Delhi. Please book your flights to be present for this event.

– We will be on safari almost every morning and night whilst in the parks (weather permitting).

For those that haven’t experienced safari life, you are in for a treat!

Days start early normally around dawn, with a chai, tea or coffee and snack and we journey into the park in our jeeps. Here our naturalist experts will guide us through the jungle in search of tigers, leopards and other amazing wildlife and birdlife. You will soak in the power and beauty of the area!

Dependant on the park, we will normally have breakfast as a picnic out in the wilderness. After the morning safari we will come back to our lodge for lunch and leisure time. We may have an activity planned or a teaching or meditation with Stacey.

As the light begins to change, we will go out into the park again for the late afternoon safari. Many animals come out to hunt at dusk and we get our chance to see these animals here.  Again, we are in the hands of expert guides who know the local area intimately and who will give us the best chance of spotting wildlife.

At sunset, we travel back to our lodge, swapping photos and stories and get ready for dinner. Dinner may well be outdoors under a night sky clear of outside light sources and amongst the chorus of nature.

Here is a video taken by a very lucky person in Kanha. They are demonstrating good safari etiquette of turning off the engine of the jeep/moving away from the animal and its path and whispering/ keeping voices down when close to an animal.

And it doesn’t end there! Also:

A beautiful in-depth spiritual programme with Stacey designed to inspire you, connect you with your healthy fierceness and open your heart to your wilder self. Sometimes, the world can make us feel very small- the tiger goddesses help us wake up to our power!

Every day you’ll learn something new – whether it will be through the power of nature as teacher, sessions with Stacey or the local people, or through the specific strength of the tiger goddesses.

  • Services of all our expert local guides
  • Return transfers from the hotel on the last day to the international airport should you wish it.
  • All entrance fees to National Parks and guide fees
  • Monument fees in New Delhi
  • City tour on the last day
  • Surprise activities and gifts.

***Remember, this is your retreat- all activities are optional.***

What’s not included:

  • Some beverages and all alcoholic drinks
  • Your return flights from Australia (or where ever home is!)
    • Transport to the Roseate Hotel on the first day
    • Tips and items of a personal nature
    • Your Travel Insurance (compulsory for a journey of this type)

Please also note, we will never support animal cruelty or poor safari etiquette. Our local guide supplier and our Wild Souls group will not involve themselves in activities like elephant back safaris or tours involving captive or caged animals. We advise you not to include these activities on your own personal activities if you are staying on longer in these areas.

As always, you will be supplied with a packing list and further details well ahead of time and of course the useful and beautiful gifts you have come to expect.

This retreat requires an average fitness level and the ability to be able to walk on uneven ground. Please ask us about this further if you wish.

Again, this is a remote, bespoke retreat and as such, this is a small group only.  We are able to secure a very small number of single rooms but so please ask us early. Confirmation of your place is guaranteed only by payment of the non-refundable deposit.

ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE: AUD$4855 twin share (international airfare not included).

Single Room supplement: AUD$900

Deposit is $A1250 to confirm your place.

FREQUENT RETREATERS BONUS! If you have been on any of my retreats before, you will receive a bonus discount of $200 off the price.

(Yes, you can save $300 if you are a frequent retreater and an early bird.)

wsi2020wsi2020For further information or bookings please contact: Richard Martin on 0400 345113 or email


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Wild Souls India: Adventures wi...
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