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Spells & Rituals

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Spells & Rituals

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I decided quite early on when designing the content for this site, that I wouldn’t just list lots and lots of spells without giving some guidance first. I also thought it important to encourage those visiting the site to create their own Spells, which are, after all, often far more empowering than something completely created by someone else.

This is why I have added some information on why spells work and how they are constructed so you can begin to give creating them a go yourself. I have also provided a downloadable Book of Shadows Template (as mentioned in There’s a Witch in the Boardroom’) so you can begin to create correctly and to track and monitor your progress, participation and success.

All spells and rituals listed here are original and proven, and are from my own Book of Shadows. My intention is to add Spells to this section each month, and get feedback from those who have cast them, so over time there will be a library of Spells that are current, targeted and truly effective.

I have also tried to make it easy and convenient for you to have a great selection of herbal consultants for your next casting. Instead of going out and having to find and buy larger quantities of herbs for a spell and maybe not ever needing those herbs again, now you can have herbs individually blended for you as a one off. This way you get the benefit of an experienced practitioner (me!) blending for your particular needs, no wastage and a great result. I also offer this service with talismans. Just check the Magical Supplies section of my site for details or to order.

Finally, before you start, let me state the four biggest barriers to successful Spellcraft so that you can avoid them:

  1. Thinking that you’ll get something ‘wrong’: I am a very experienced Witch and I have seen everything from people falling flat on their faces to curtains catching on fire, and this did not change the intent or power of the Spell. In fact, a little chaos can be good! Relax and know that your purpose and intent is all that matters.
  2. Having a preconceived idea of Witchcraft: Forget what you think you know about the process and suspend your disbelief and old views. Actually performing a Spell or Ritual is an intensely personal experience and resembles little you see on TV. Apologies up front to those who think Spellcraft is just like it is on “Charmed,” but I for one wouldn’t mind the girls wardrobe.
  3. Not letting go and going with the flow: Allow yourself to do what comes naturally, and if you feel like laughing do! If you feel like crying, let the tears flow. If your body is calling you to dance, well move those hips! Feel like you want to change a part of the spell at the last minute…do it! Surrender to the power of the Divine, listen to your Self and know all is as it should be.
  4. Not participating: Take some real life steps towards your intention as soon as you can after the Spell. Few spells will unfold as you wish if you do nothing to start their journey. Get to it!

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