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All spells and rituals listed here are original and proven, and are from my own Book of Shadows. My intention is to add Spells to this section each month, and get feedback from those who have cast them, so over time there will be a library of Spells that are current, targeted and truly effective.
I have also tried to make it easy and convenient for you to have a great selection of herbal consultants for your next casting. Instead of going out and having to find and buy larger quantities of herbs for a spell and maybe not ever needing those herbs again, now you can have herbs individually blended for you as a one off. This way you get the benefit of an experienced practitioner (me!) blending for your particular needs, no wastage and a great result. I also offer this service with talismans. Just check the Magical Supplies section of my site for details or to order.

Spell for Health & Vitality (click to open)


  • Perform this spell on any night where the moon is waxing.
    (View the Timing section to find out about moon phases)
  • Ensure the room is warm.
  • Ensure that you will be undisturbed.
  • Decide on the location for the spellcraft.
  • Have your intention clearly in mind or written down.

Book of Shadows entry (results)

Chart your progress by recording your feelings, behaviors, actions, and results. Paying close attention to coincidences and details even if they seem insignificant or unrelated at the time.
Remember to date all your entries.

Spell for Health & Vitality

Ahead of time:
Think about how you want to feel in your body and mind. Additionally, consider what the obstacles are in the way to feeling your very best.For example: you may feel you wish to have more energy, be disease free, pain free or simply fitter. The obstacles in your way could be anything from medical treatment not working optimally to being too lazy to exercise. Perhaps its weight you wish to lose- if so, this is about balance being returned to your body. Really think about what is in the way to your “best body” as this will be dealt with in the spell.
Take some time to formulate this and write it down clearly ahead of time. This spell is best cast on the full moon or waxing moons.

  • Large bowl of salted water (add handful of salt to a bowl of water)
  • A symbol of your ‘best vital self’: this can be anything from a crystal to a picture of someone with the balance or vitality you want. We will call this a “talisman”
  • A green candle
  • Herbs & Charcoal: small amount of pine and frankincense resins, rosemary, mugwort and dried Life Everlasting Flower or Cherry Blossom. (both available ready to go at www.themodernwitch.com by going to Bespoke herbs section)
  • Pen and paper


Open a circle or simply relax and centre yourself

Light the candle and say out loud:
“Universe, I wish for greater health and vitality. I want my body to be completely balanced and I want my body to operate with ease and joy.”

(If you have a special Goddess or God that you wish to invoke for increased health do so now. I recommend Sulis, Ra, Yemaya and Isis.)
Then pull over the bowl of salty water.
Think about all the obstacles in the way to having a balanced and happy body. Think about how these obstacles prevent you from living as you would most like to. You will probably feel a little negative and feelings of pain, regret, sadness or disappointment may arise. This is natural.

You will now place your hands in the bowl of water and take a deep breath in. On the exhalation, imagine moving those negative feelings from your body, down your arms, into your hands and into the water.
Say out loud:
“ I wash away all obstacles to my health and vitality and balance (wash hands). I wash away these obstacles (state the obstacles) now, knowing that you will take them away from me.”

Stay in the water as long as you need to wash away the obstacles.

Then, when finished say:
“I open myself completely to complete health, bodily balance and abundant vitality! I know I have begun to change for the better and will continue to do so!”

When you are ready you are now going to burn the herbs on the charcoal. The fragrant smoke will rise and you then pass the symbol of your new healthy and vibrant life through the smoke. As you do this say:

“I charge this symbol with the power of the Goddess and God. It is now a talisman perfect to attract to me ways of improving my body and mind.”

Ask the Universe: “Is there anything I could be doing to move forward in the direction I have asked for?”

Listen for ideas, messages, images and write down everything that comes to mind, no matter how unrelated it may seem.

Later, act on these messages as soon as possible as these are your first steps forward towards your new life.

Thank the Universe and blow out the candle.

Keep the talisman with you as much as possible. Repeat at the same time for three consecutive lunales (a tri-lunar cycle).

Artemis Spell (click to open)

Tonight you will be calling the Goddess Artemis (or Diana) into your Circle. Artemis is one of the ‘Virgin’ goddesses. This does not mean asexual as Virgin goddesses expressed their sexuality openly and without shame. Truly a modern woman!

A Virgin Goddess can be called upon whenever a woman is pursuing her own self-hood and desires.

Artemis/Diana is the Goddess of the Hunt and of the Moon.

Artemis has the following attributes:

  • Outdoorsy,vital, truely present, revels in her body.
  • Truly happy in her Self….happy to be no one else
  • Intensity of Focus, healthy competitiveness
  • Savours her independence freedom and autonomy, yet remains sensual and connected to a partner.
  • Enjoys her own company yet is profoundly connected in particular to other women.
  • Gains her worth from who she is and her purpose, rather than who she is connected or partnered with.
  • Compassionate
  • Courageous.

Artemis spell for Self-Hood

Your Ritual
Light the candle, dim the lights and relax. Have a bath with herbs such as rosemary and bay, white rose petals or white willow leaves/chips and have a small oak twig or branch nearby. Stay in at least 15 minutes. Imagine how good each part of your body feels in that soft warmth. Please wear a robe or something you can slip out of easily. You will be naked for some of the ritual. Ensure the room is warm.

Try to face the moon if you can. Have your herbs and your Oak branch and cotton at the ready.

2. Welcome the Goddess and thank her for being with you here tonight in this beautiful place. Ask that you receive Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon in your circle and within you tonight. Ask that, she, who embodies purpose and connection, and is generous yet discerning with it, bless you this night.

3. Look at the candle or go within. Imagine the Goddess is before you. She can look as you wish….there is no wrong image. Imagine the Goddess of the Moon and Hunt as you see her: vital, glowing, all woman, all powerful.She is perhaps with her bow and arrow, her hunting dogs or her hunting cat. She stands as a warrior woman, yet she is soft and compassionate.
She is reaching out to you. She is telling you that you too are a Goddess.
Notice how you feel and what thoughts enter your mind as she says this. If they are negative, note this, but decide you will put this aside until a later time.

4. Now light your herbs and incense. Breathe in deeply. As you breathe you are inhaling even more power from the earth, trees, moon and sky. The Goddess is still with you and sharing with you her attributes of focus, purpose, strength. She is also sharing her attributes of vitality, sensuality of internal power when it comes to your work and your sexuality.
Start to accept these gifts in your own body. Let these energies begin to mingle…yours and that of Artemis,Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt.

5. Take the Oak branch and picture in your mind the strength and deep serenity of the massive Oak tree. Imagine its roots going deep down into the earth so it is immoveable and solid. Imagine the web of branches and leaves that are flexible and sway peacefully in the wind. The Oak is a combination of strength, solid foundation and flexibility.

6. Begin to wind around the Oak the red cotton. As you wind it around imagine you are winding the Goddess’ attibutes to it. Binding them there.

7. As you wind say:
I allow my light to shine
Confidence and power are mine
I live my Strength and Beauty
Blessed Be the Goddess within Me!
(keep repeating this, keeping focus and energy as you wind)

8. You now have highly energised talisman. Take this with you everywhere during the next moon cycle.This is a reminder of the Goddesses power and to help build your internal power and banish fear when you need it.Carry it in your hand when you feel the need. Let no one else touch it.

9. Thank the Goddess Artemis for allowing you to share in her power. Be grateful in the knowledge that all is as you have asked if it be her will and for the greatest good of all. Know your mind & body are already responding. Blow out your candle and ground yourself if you need to by eating something or exercising.

Blessed be and enjoy!

Achieving a Happier Family Life (click to open)

This is a fun spell to be done involving all the family.
Ahead of time:
Sit quietly and think about exactly where you want more prosperity in your life. For example: you may think that a fatter pay packet, more clients, greater creativity or additional part-time hours are important. Write these down on a piece of paper.

Plan a morning or afternoon to do this spell when the moon is waxing (getting bigger in the sky).


  • A few slips of coloured paper for each person
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • Large ceramic bowl
  • A pot, with soil and some seeds
  • A bright coloured candle

Gather around as a family and light the candle.
As you light the candle, one of you say: “ We do this to bring even more happiness into our family!” Now each person should take a few slips of paper and write on it what they think would bring them more happiness and what they wish to increase happiness in the family. For example; “More time playing footie with Dad” or “Less TV, more family fun”. You don’t have to share these wishes if you don’t want to, but it is a nice thing to share at least one with everyone else. When the wish is written, fold up the paper and put in the bowl. When everyone has finished. Get the pot with soil in it and begin dig some little holes and place the wishes in the soil. Cover over. As each person does this they should say:
“ My wish for good grows, my wish for laughter grows, my wish for happiness grows”.

When all the wishes are planted, take the seeds and everyone sprinkle and plant a few. Nominate one person to be the custodian of this new plant to ensure it gets looked after. As the seeds grow, so will your wishes!

Then as a family think of one action that will bring you closer to your wishes (this will be easy!) and do it within 48 hours.

Be sociable. Share!