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A few words from some of Stacey’s clients.

Marie. Sydney, Australia.

“I came to see you in March when you told me to ‘Look up’, go to New York and take the ‘Yellow pair of shoes not the red’!! Well I looked up in New York to find the most divine man who wants to create a life together between here and NYC … just like you said!

The event that really freaked me out was going to a very funky shoe store which we were told we just HAD to go too. Stacey, the only pair of shoes in the WHOLE shop that fitted me were a YELLOW pair of shoes!!!!!!!!!!! Again you were so right … nothing in my wardrobe goes with those yellow shoes but they were the perfect fit …. just like nothing in my life goes with Tom but yet he feels like the perfect fit!!!

Thanks you so much Stacey …. you gave me the vision & faith to look up and see what is possible!”

Lisa. Sydney, Australia.

“Hi Stacey,

You did a reading n both myself and my husband last year in Melbourne and said we would have a healthy girl. Well little Abbey was born two weeks ago and is just perfect.

Now we just need to be careful as you said the next one (a boy) will follow very quickly”

JD. Company Director. London, UK.

“I have never really been into anything new age or witchy. Im pretty rational and if the truth be told, Im quite cynical. I guess thats why I was asked to be part of a case study for her book.
The results I got really surprised me.The effect of the building power exercises were instantaneous…opening a Power Circle each day has certainly enabled me to be bolder, more focussed and certainly more decisive in my business dealings. Plus I have developed better relationships with my customers though the techniques and spells suggested to me by Stacey…which means I attract more business naturally and I make more money.”

LB of Avalon

“Stacey’s Workshop was a great introduction to tap into a different realm of belief. See it to believe it is how I perceive the world in general, but when things started to happen two days after each spellcasting session, I do believe in it. Just be careful of what you wish for… you might just get it!”

SP, Management Accountant, of Paddington

My Prosperity is flowing with ease and now love is on the horizon. All this through some simple yet fun and exciting spell casting! The more I believe the easier and more real it becomes.
NL of AbbotsfordThe Prosperity Workshop was a real eye opener. It was great fun yet I busted through my old thinking about money, and now Im actually making some!

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