Moon Phases/Cycles


Moon Phases/Cycles

Timing& Cycles

Moon Phases/Cycles

Wheel of The Year

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  • Moon is full in the Sky
  • Full energy
  • This moon gives you high impact, and is perfect for attraction spells of any type.
  • Great time to explore finding your true path and Purpose in life
  • Witches celebrate their relationship with the Divine formally once every 28 days during full moon.


  • The moon is growing smaller in the sky
  • Energy is reducing
  • Good time to perform spells with a purpose and intention of getting rid of something that no longer serves you or to reduce an obstacle
  • Great time to give up a bad habit eg any addiction, any limiting or negative belief


  • No moon visible in the sky
  • Traditionally a time of introversion and rest
  • Good time for Spells that ask for peace and creative flow
  • A time for for healing your shadow side
  • Experienced Witches can use for powerful healing


  • Moon is growing larger in the sky
  • Energy is growing
  • Good time to perform spells with a purpose and intention of growth and moving towards something you desire
  • Wonderful time to ask for more money, more positive relationships, and better health
  • Wonderful for prosperity spells
  • Perfect for asking for better health, a pay rise, a new job, more recognition

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