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Have you ever needed support and assistance to achieving your goals or growth but couldn’t find it?

Do you want greater success at work, at home and with your relationships?

What about attracting an ideal partner or removing negative energy?

Do you want to boost your creativity and opportunities?

If the answer is  yes to any of these questions, a personal session with Stacey Demarco, The Modern Witch, may be what you are looking for.

A personal session is highly recommended if:

  • You wish to get results quickly.
  • You aren’t sure what it is you want and need assistance in getting clear.
  • Unsure of your Purpose.
  • You are stuck in rut energy and it’s not shifting.
  • You need support to deal with or get relief from a difficult or painful situation.
  • You think you have continual ‘bad luck’.
  • You need an unbiased viewpoint.
  • You need support with a Spell or ritual that you are having difficulty casting or creating yourself.

Find out about session/reading types

To make sure you are getting the absolute most out of your time with Stacey during a session please be sure to visit the “Difference Between Sessions/Readings” page. This will explain to you what each session type is and will help you choose which is the best for your needs.

You can access the page HERE

What doesn’t Stacey do?

I am not a medium and those who are seeking specific contact with people who have passed should see a medium. We are happy to recommend great mediums should you contact us through our contact page. I proudly work according to ethical laws of Witchcraft and as such will not involve myself with interfering with free will or dark magic. To give some examples of this, I will not cast curses, send negative energy to another nor cast spells upon others. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. In the case of love spells, I have regular positive results in obtaining ideal relationships without casting for a specific person. Yes, you can do love spells ethically with great power if you know how!

For further information and testimonials, contact us using the form on the contact page.

All Personal Spellcasting sessions include all magic supplies such as herbs. Coffee Oracle readings include a barista coffee of your choice. Please note all prices include GST. All phone charges and additional postal changes are not included in the above prices. Full non-refundable payment 48hrs prior to the session and can be made via Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

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Important! Please read before booking.

Before you make a booking please take the time to look over the different kind of consults and decide which is best for your needs. Have a good think about what it is you hope to achieve from your session and choose the best session type for you.

If you need any further clarification about booking types please contact us through the form on our contact page.

> Learn more about the different session types here

Make a booking

If you have read over the session types and chosen the best one to suit your desired outcome then contact us to make a booking.

For more information or bookings contact:

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