2019 Lunar and Seasonal Diary – SOUTHERN Hemisphere


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Welcome to our stunning ninth edition! 

You’ll receive a copy of the “2019 Lunar and Seasonal Diary” personally signed and messaged by the author. 

This is a full-colour stunningly designed diary that sits flat for easy writing.

As always, our diary includes lunar timings and explanations of the moon phases and their impacts, with practical magic suggestions to get the most out of the energies of the seasons and elements.

Packed with invaluable information and techniques, you can gain support with increasing your wealth, improving your relationships, boosting your health and vitality, magnifying your personal power and even to removing obstacles and fears that are holding you back in your life. Uniquely, the 2019 Lunar & Seasonal Diary comes complete with Gods and Goddesses for each month and exclusive spells and invocations to not only connect with them, but more deeply to your authentic self. Every month there is space to set intentions, get clear about your ‘must–do’s’ and record your experiences of growth.

Full Colour, hard cover.

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