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You will receive a copy of the new 2023 Lunar and Seasonal Diary and a gift of blessed vegetable or herb seeds ready to plant, plus Deep Dark and Dangerous Oracle deck  with a gift of rare poppy flower seeds- the ancient plant representing sleep, darkness, dreams and pain relief. Both works all signed by Stacey with a message for you!  All for less than RRP! Get in first and don’t miss out!

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About the “Deep Dark and Dangerous Oracle”:

There is great beauty and power in darkness.

In a world where everything seems to be shallow and on show, here is a chance to delve deeper into your divination and receive more complete guidance. By stepping into the realm of the monsters and the things that go bump in the night, what if what seems scary and dangerous is actually a torch leading us out of the darkness into divine wholeness?

Explore the famous and rare entities of the ‘dark’ so your own life can be illuminated. From the iconic Medusa, to mermaids, Valkyries, vampires, selkies and sibyls, you can find illumination in the deep, dark and dangerous. Stunning images and the mythos and ancient stories of the world’s deep, dark and dangerous creatures, goddess and gods, heroes and shadows.

Understand the sacred duality of dark and light to better balance your Self. Find the treasures within the darkness. Also contains information on aligned plants and crystals for each card to increase the effectiveness of your workings.

Illustrated by the amazing Kinga Britschgi, there are 44 full colour cards, with full colour guidebook and stunning box.



About the 2023 Lunar and Seasonal Diary:


This is a full-colour, stunningly designed diary that sits flat for easy writing.

As always, our diary includes lunar timings and explanations of the moon phases and their impacts, astrological correspondences and Wheel of the Year with practical magic suggestions to get the most out of the energies of the seasons and elements. This is our 14th edition and probably on of our most beautiful!

Packed with invaluable information and techniques, you can gain support with increasing your wealth, improving your relationships, boosting your health and vitality, bettering your garden, magnifying your personal power and even to removing obstacles and fears that are holding you back in your life. Uniquely, the 2023 Lunar & Seasonal Diary comes complete with Gods or Goddesses for each month and exclusive spells and invocations to not only connect with them, but more deeply to your authentic self. Every month there is plenty of space to set your intentions, get clear about your ‘must–do’s’ and record your experiences of growth.

It is ideal too for those who are beginning to follow a traditional “Wheel of the Year” or “Year and a Day” in witchcraft and pagan traditions.

It is beautiful AND practical.

Full Colour, Hard Cover.

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