Get Your New Years Resolutions for 2021 @ Via Zoom


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Get clear about what you intend for 2021 and learn how to make things happen more smoothly  through the empowerment of Witchcraft.

Maybe you want to give up a bad habit, get fitter or improve your relationship?

Or maybe you want to find a partner, get on purpose or increase your wealth?

Or maybe, you don’t really know what you really want but you want to feel more grounded and happy!

No matter what your situation, you will learn how to remove obstacles and move towards your Resolutions.
This is one of my most popular workshops and we are running it finally for everyone via Zoom !! We have been running this for 23 years straight with amazing results so we are so happy to share this around the world!!

In this workshop you will also:
* Discover the magical ingredients and timings best for your resolution including lunar timings.
* Learn how to create your own spells and chants
* Take part in a fun and powerful ritual that will bring you closer to getting what you desire!
* Get instructions to cast a powerful spell on New Years Eve complete with herbs!

Past participants got amazing results such as giving up smoking, starting new businesses, finding their purpose, achieving pregnancy, getting a great new jobs and increasing prosperity!