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Protection and divination is what the gift set gives you! You’ll receive a beautiful  Halloween Oracle, signed and messaged by the author, and a stunning sterling silver and glass Evil Eye Pendant.

One of the key ways to reflect concentrated negative energy is to use evil eyes. This is a beautiful and discreet way to send curse or negative energy back where it comes from. Each evil eye is handblown glass circled with sterling silver, as per tradition. Colours include clear, lilac, yellow, red and blue. Allow Stacey to choose one to suit you.

They look cool threaded on a bracelet and even having multiples on a single chain which looks fashionable but of course is providing energetic protection.

More about the Halloween Oracle:

Harness the ancestral power of Halloween every night of the year with traditional symbols of the celebration as well as encountering black cats, vampire, zombies, skeletons,werewolves, witches and of course energies from the Mexican day of the Dead tradition like the Lady de los Muertos and exquisite magical skulls. This award winning deck was created by Stacey Demarco and illustrated by Jimmy Manton.

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