Rituals: Love


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This CD contains three powerful guided meditations/rituals set to original music.

Track 1: 5 Minute Recharge

This is a wonderful active meditation that you can do anywhere anytime to refresh,renew and recharge.Perfect to centre yourself in a chaotic situation, whether it be at the office or at home.

Track 2: Cutting the ChordsĀ 

Sometimes an old love or a limiting set of beliefs holds us apart from attracting the love that we want. When you decide that it’s time to move forward, it is useful to perform this very ancient and powerful ritual. To ‘Cut the Cords’ with a person, an obstacle or old limiting belief is a powerful way to start afresh and leave behind the parts of an old relationship that no longer serve you. Perhaps the obstacle is an old trauma or behaviour.No matter what these beliefs are, you need to cut away these cords that bind you.

Track 3: Attracting an Ideal Partner

This is a ritual meditation that has served literally thousands of people and assisted them to attract the kind of partner they desire.

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