Seasonal Incense: Summer


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Witches make incense differently than most. We like to do it the old school way. We choose resins and herbs and plants carefully – not just for what it all smells like but for what energies are unfurled by the burning. This blend has been blended to take advantage of the energies of summer: happiness, extroversion, vitality and love! Its perfect to use for your Litha rituals, to honour the masculine divine or just to bring cleansing an vitality to your space.

This blend contains frankincense, pine,myhrr,lemon balm, lemongrass, jasmine flowers, mint and mugwort.

You literally need a few pinches of this herbal blend on the charcoal and it will last for ages.

Please ensure that you never leave the charcoal unattended and that you always leave windows open so that the fragrant smoke can escape.

You receive a 195g tin of hand blended “Summer” incense and a roll of 10 Swift-lite charcoal discs.


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