The Gospel of Aradia Oracle

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“The Gospel of Aradia” Oracle Cards –

The story of Aradia is steeped in mystery. Was she a goddess or a flesh-and-blood woman? To some she was the first witch, to others the leader of a resistance movement, and still to more, a wise teacher with female disciples. A spiritual mentor and a powerful role model for women to aspire to, Aradia travelled throughout medieval Italy and Europe teaching the ways of the Divine Feminine.

 Come, step into the world of the Italian Stregoneria tradition and weave the magic as the ancestor witches did. The Gospel of Aradia gives guidance, magic and invites your wilder side out to play. Come take the hand of the first of the Witches and find your true self….




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1 review for The Gospel of Aradia Oracle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    The Gospel of Aradia is, quite possibly, my favourite Oracle deck.
    Visually, the cards are a feast, with the rich warm colours reflecting the meaning of each card.
    The name of the card is large enough to read easily, without impinging on the visual impact of the artwork.
    The borders of the cards reflect the main colour of the artwork and I find this draws your attention inwards and focuses on the detail of the work.
    The guidebook is amazing and shows a deep understand and research of Aradias mythos.
    The energy of this deck is, for me, gentle. A gentleness that will take hold of you and make you face what you fear with love, understanding and total determination. You can’t fluff things off with Aradia. Her messages will sit quietly with you, understanding your fears and roadblocks, until suddenly light dawns and you have the “OMG, of course” moment. The term Iron Fist in Velvet Glove sums up the power of Gospel of Aradia for me.
    When I am lost, disconnected or frightened, Aradia guides me through my thoughts and leads me to clarity.

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